美剧Boston legal第一季 结案陈词(中英文)

Boston Legal Head Cases Season 1,Episode 1 , 在这一集中,黑人女孩参加全美巡演的面试,而且非常地演唱了歌曲"Tomorrow",但被拒绝,因 为她是黑人,和漫画中要求的肤色不符…下面是本集中客串牧师的演员 Al Sharpton 以一个黑人的立 场在法庭发表观点… Denny Crane: Pull a rabbit out of your hat. Denny Crane: 从帽子里变出只兔子来(寓意另辟蹊径,出其不意,无中生有) 原文: Reverend Al Sharpton: Could I be heard, your Honor? I heard about this matter. I would like to address this court on what I consider . . . Judge Rita Sharpley: I'm sorry, Reverend, but you have no standing here. Reverend Al Sharpton: I have standing as an American citizen speaking up on a civil rights violation. Judge Rita Sharpley: Reverend Sharpton, I will ask you to step down . . . Reverend Al Sharpton: I have standing as Bobby Kennedy had standing, . . . Judge Rita Sharpley: You have no standing in this meeting. Reverend Al Sharpton: . . . on the steps of the courthouse in Alabama! Judge Rita Sharpley: No one is denying this little girl an education, sir. She just can't play Annie. Reverend Al Sharpton: You may think this is a small matter. But this is no small matter. This child is being den the right to play an American icon because she doesn't match the description. Those descriptions were crafted 50 years ago! We're supposed to be in a different day! Judge Rita Sharpley: Reverend . . . Reverend Al Sharpton: You talk about racial equality, how we're making progress. The problem with that progress is it's always a day away. Tomorrow, tomorrow—you love that!—because it's always a day away. I'm here to stick out my chin today! Today! Give us an African-American Spider Man! Give us a black that can run faster than a speeding bullet and leap over tall buildings in a single bound! Not tomorrow—today! Today! The sun needs to come out today! Not tomorrow, your Honor! God Almighty! Give the American people a black Orphan Annie. It's just not good enough to say she doesn't look the part. Reverend Al Sharpton: That's what you call a rabbit, son. Denny Crane. 译文: 神父 Al Sharpton: 请允许我,法官阁下,听说此事,我十分乐意在此表达我的观点… 法官 Rita Sharpley: 很抱歉,神父,您没有立场… 神父 Al Sharpton: 我以一个美国公民的身份在此评论公民权利的侵犯 法官 Rita Sharpley: Sharpton 神父,请你退下 神父 Al Sharpton: 我站在此地,正如 Bobby kennedy(肯尼迪家族成员,全家都主张)站 在 Alabama 州法院的台阶上 法官 Rita Sharpley: 先生,没人在否认她的受教育权,她只是不能扮演 Annie. 1

神父 Al Sharpton: 也许您认为这是小事,但它不是,这个孩子被拒绝了成为美国偶像的权利, 那些作品已经过去了 50 年,今日的世界应有所不同 法官 Rita Sharpley: 神父. . . 神父 Al Sharpton: 您说种族平等取得了怎样的进展,但这种进展总是在说未来如何,"明天,明 天,你们喜欢它" 因为它总是在今天之后,我要在今天疾呼,就在此时此刻,给予我们黑皮肤的蜘蛛 侠吧,给我们一个比子弹还要快穿梭在高楼顶端的黑人英雄吧,不是明天,而是今天,今天,太阳要 在今天升起,不是明天,法官阁下,全能的主啊,请赐予美国一个黑皮肤的孤儿 Annie 吧,说她不像 角色,这个理由是站不住脚的. 神父 Al Sharpton: 这才是那只兔子,孩子,Denny Crane. Boston Legal Catch and Release Season 1, Episode 3 证券公司的女副总裁被迫辞去工作,原因在于总裁对有夫之妇的她不断进行性暗示,并对其名誉 造成了影响,女总裁决定进行起诉.Alan Shore 为原告辩护,Alan 的前妻为被告辩护.两人结案陈 词同样精彩,最终原告获赔 12.5 万美元. 原文: Alan Shore: Some people simply cannot let go. You love a person so desperately. You perhaps begin to lose sight of reason. And you begin to act unreasonably, perhaps out of control, even. It's possible Daniel Ralston had no control over his behavior. Maybe he truly couldn't stop pursuing Wendy Moore. Maybe he had to keep calling. Had to schedule those lunches. Had to seemingly stalk her, if you will. He was in love with her. People in love lose their grip. But what's at issue here is her state of mind. Her mental state. Not Mr. Ralston's state of mind. But Wendy's. Was she reasonably upset by this relentless pursuit? She's a marr woman with a family, trying to salvage her marriage and her boss keeps calling. Keeps coming. Keeps coming. Keeps propositioning her. The fact that she once loved this man only makes it worse. More difficult. What choice did she really have but to leave? Maybe that was his plan all the time. He knew he couldn't fire her. Maybe that was his psychological game. Where the only thing she could really do in the end was get in her car, and drive off. He created a hostile working environment with repeated, unwelcomed sexual advances, ladies and gentlemen. That is prima facie classic sexual harassment. Christine Pauley: Love happens in the workplace all the time. In fact, it's where most affairs start. Most relationships. It happens. So do breakups. As a woman, I am offended by the onslaught of these lawsuits. As neutral as the language may be, sexual harassment law is gender biased. It exists to protect woman. It feeds into the perception that women are weaker than. It goes all the way back to common law where women were den the right to enter into contracts because we lacked mental capacity. Today's harassment law is designed to protect us from sexual banter in the workplace because we just can't take it. I can take it. Can you? Can you? Do we really need to cleanse the workplace of all sexual expression so that it'll be safe for us? These laws treat us as if we were either psychologically or emotionally impaired. And I'm sick of it. Are some cases legitimate? Absolutely. But here, this woman is a grown up. She entered into an adult consensual relationship with her boss. It ended. Perhaps bumpy. He's hurt. He's still in love. So she sues. She wasn't fired. She is a college-educated vice president of a brokerage firm. She's 34 years old. She's 2

a professional. She's here today to tell you that she can't stick up for herself. She is here today trying to take advantage of a law that declares women to be the weaker sex. Not for me, ladies and gentlemen. I wouldn't have gotten in my car and driven off. I'd have sooner driven over him. Let's treat these people—both of them— as if they were grown-ups. 译文: Alan Shore:有些人会看不开,当你深爱一个人,你可能就会失去理性,变得荒唐,甚至失控. Daniel Ralston 就可能控制不住自己的行为,或许他真的情不自禁想追求 Wendy Moore,或许他必 须不断的打电话安排那些午餐,如果可能还想她,因为他深爱着她.人陷入爱河就会疯狂,但问 题在于她,她的精神状态,不是 Mr. Ralston 的,而是 Wendy 的.她活该被这种无理的追求骚扰?她 只是个在尝试挽回婚姻的女人,而她的上司三番五次的骚扰,不放过她,她的确曾经爱过这个男人, 却只让情况更糟,除了离开她还有什么选择?可能从头到底都是他的计划,他知道他没权解雇她,于 是他玩起了心理游戏,她要结束纠缠的唯一选择就是 --上车,然后走人.他这种无休止令人厌恶的性 示好,制造出了敌意工作环境,这就是最典型的,证据确凿的性骚扰. Christine Pauley:工作场所总有着爱情,可以说是大多数婚外情的发源地,这很正常,分手也是. 作为女性,我厌恶这样的,中立的说,现今的性骚扰法例带有性别偏见,它的存在是为了保护女 性,给人的感觉就是女性是弱者.所有这些可以追溯到早期英国法,女性由于心智上的缺陷而不得参 与契约的制定.性骚扰法例是为了保护我们在工作场所不受骚扰,因为觉得我们不能忍受,可我能忍 受.你能吗?你呢?我们真的需要一个无性的工作环境?那我们就安全了?这些法例认定我们在心理和 感情上都是脆弱的,我很厌恶这样.有些案子的确伸张了正义,肯定有,但这个案子,这位女士是成 年人,她和上司有了一段你情我愿的关系,最后不欢而散,他受到了伤害,却仍爱着她,她却因此而 告他.她没有被解雇,她受过高等教育,是公司副总裁,她三十四岁,是专业人士.她今天来告诉你 们她不能保护自己,她是在利用法律的偏见,宣称女性是两性关系的弱势.我可不是,各位,我不会 开车走人,我会开车撞死他.请把这些人--他们双方,真正当作成年人来看待. Boston Legal Change of Course Season 1, Episode 4 Crane Poole & Schmidt 律师事务所意外接到一宗刑事,鉴于高级合伙人 Edwin Poole 的精 神状态,决定由毫无刑事经验的 Lori Colson 来合伙辩护.被告由于惊慌而开枪射杀了,警 方没找到枪,没有目击证人.在行动被告射伤,并以死期快到为由骗取其杀人的供词.. . 交叉询问: 原文: Dr. Karp: They told me that he was religious. That maybe if he thought he was about to die his conscience would get the better of him. ADA William Preston: So you told Mr. Litch he was dying? Dr. Karp: Yeah. I'm not proud of it. But I probably should've— ADA William Preston: And doctor, did you also hear Mr. Litch confess to killing Officer Devereaux? Dr. Karp: Yes. ADA William Preston: You're sure? Dr. Karp: I'm very positive. 3

ADA William Preston: Thank you, doctor. Edwin Poole: In fact you told him he had less than an hour to live? Dr. Karp: Yes. Edwin Poole: You l to your own patient? Dr. Karp: They told me that he had murdered a police officer, and – Edwin Poole: As a result of this despicable conduct, were you disciplined by the hospital? Dr. Karp: My privileges were suspended for three months. Edwin Poole: And you're back in the E.R. now? Dr. Karp: No. No. I've started my residence in the neurology department. Edwin Poole: Your specialty is the brain? Dr. Karp: Yes. Edwin Poole: Doctor, as a neurologist, how does trauma and extensive blood loss affect the brain? Dr. Karp: Uh, sometimes it can compromise mental functioning. Edwin Poole: Can it cause a person to become delusional? Dr. Karp: I don't believe he was delusional that night? Edwin Poole: Did he suffer trauma and extensive blood loss? Dr. Karp: Yes. Yes, he did, but – Edwin Poole: Can you state to a medical certainty that he was not delusional? Dr. Karp: No. Edwin Poole: One last question, and this one I ask you as a layperson, a human being. Is it conceivable to you that if you had a loved one who had panicked and committed a horrible crime, say murder, somebody you cared deeply for—perhaps a brother, a best friend, maybe your son had done this horrible thing—and you lay in a hospital bed dying, is it conceivable that knowing you were dying, you might take the blame for something you didn't do just to spare your loved one a life sentence? ADA William Preston: Objection! Edwin Poole: Sustained! Did it ever occur to you that night, doctor, Warren Litch said he committed the crime simply to protect somebody else? Dr. Karp: No. No, it didn't. Edwin Poole: I bet it never occurred to the police, either. Nothing further. 译文: 医生 Karp: 他们告诉我他是信教的,当他意识到自己快死的时候也许…他的良心会让他作出正 确选择 官 William Preston: 所以你告诉 Litch 先生他快死了 医生 Karp: 是的,我并不以此为荣,但是我也许应该… 官 William Preston: 医生 你听到 Litch 先生承认…是他杀了 Deveraux 吗? 医生 Karp: 是的 官 William Preston: 你确定? 医生 Karp: 非常肯定 官 William Preston: 谢谢你,医生 Edwin Poole: 他骗你你还能活多久…事实上,你告诉他活不过一个小时 医生 Karp: 是的 Edwin Poole: 你对你自己的病人撒谎? 4

医生 Karp: 他们告诉我他谋杀了一位… Edwin Poole: 作为这种卑鄙行为的后果,你受到医院的处罚了吗? 医生 Karp: 我的执照被暂停了 3 个月 Edwin Poole: 而你现在已经回到急诊室了 医生 Karp: 不,不,我只是开始在神经科做住院医生 Edwin Poole: 你的专长是脑科? 医生 Karp: 是的 Edwin Poole: 医生,作为一名神经科专家,外伤和大量失血会对大脑产生什么影响? 医生 Karp: 呃,有时会损害精神官能 Edwin Poole: 会让人产生错觉吗? 医生 Karp: 我不认为那天晚上他是产生错觉 Edwin Poole: 他的确是受了外伤还有大量失血吗? 医生 Karp: 是的,是的,他的确如此,但是我… Edwin Poole: 你能作出确切的医学诊断来证明他没有产生错觉吗? 医生 Karp: 不能 Edwin Poole: 最后一个问题,请你作为一个医学外行一个普通人来考虑,是否有可能,你所爱 的惊慌失措犯下了一桩可怕的罪案,比如谋杀,而他是你所深爱的人,你的兄弟,你最好的朋友,也 许你的儿子,做了这么可怕的事情,而你躺在医院的病床上,奄奄一息.是否有可能,你知道自己将 不久于人世,会认下自己从没做过的事情,就只为了帮你所爱的人免去一生的牢狱之灾? 官 William Preston: 反对! Edwin Poole: 反对有效, 医生, 那天晚上是否听到 Warren Litch 说他认罪只是为了保护其他人? 医生 Karp: 不,没有这回事 Edwin Poole: 我打赌也不会注意.我问完了. 结案陈词: 原文: ADA William Preston: You heard from witness Frank Simmons who saw an S.U.V. speed by him a mile from the scene around the time of the murder. With a license plate beginning with 3-L-6. Mr. Litch's S.U.V. has a license plate beginning with 3-L-6. And when the police entered the defendant's apartment, what did he do? He didn't ask "What's this about?" He didn't say, "Hey, what's going on?" He knew exactly why they were there, and he immediately began his escape. And then in the hospital, he confessed. It wasn't a delusional confession. He described a fact pattern that was completely consistent with the crime. The defendant admitted that he was afraid of yet another drug conviction that would land him a life sentence. He panicked, pulled out a gun, and fired. Now, his lawyers suggest he was, perhaps, delusional when he confessed or that he simply l to protect the real killer. A friend or a loved one. Desperate suggestions for a desperate client. It's insulting to this court, to you, and especially to that woman and her two children. Warren Litch murdered her husband. Warren Litch killed their father. He admitted to the police that he did so. Let's not waste any more time. Lori Colson: I don't know about you, but if I hear that someone confessed to a crime, then I just assume he's guilty. But if I hear the confession is coerced, then---. For example, you could have a man bleeding out with a stomach wound, put him in a room with police and clergy who keep insisting to him that he did something and he might actually come to believe it. And gee, what if it was a friend or a loved one who was driving Warren's car that night? That would explain why 5

Warren was trying to flee, wouldn't it? He likely knew the police were coming to mistakenly arrest him. Did the police investigate any of this? My God, we all assume Warren Litch is guilty. But what if he isn't? Now, let's turn to the other evidence. Wait. There is no other evidence. No gun, no witnesses, no fibers, no forensics. All they have is that coerced confession. Now, you might think he did it. And if you're determined, you can even still assume it, I suppose. But if you're to uphold the law and demand proof beyond all reasonable doubt, and if we don't demand that, do we really want to send a message to the police? "Hey, forget the evidence. Just bring us that confession." 译文: 官 William Preston: 你们已经听过 Frank Simmons 的证词了,大约就在凶案发生时,他在 离案发现场一英里处,看见一辆 SUV 飞快地驶离…车牌是以"3L6"开头的,Litch 先生的 SUV 牌照也 是以"3L6"开头,而当闯入被告的公寓时,他是什么反应?他没有问"这是怎么回事?"没有问"嘿, 你们要干吗?"他很清楚为什么会出现,然后他决定马上逃跑.接下来,在医院里,他认罪了, 不是因为错觉才招供,他详细描述了他所犯下的罪行,被告承认了他当时是因为害怕…再次被定贩毒 罪,从而被判终生监禁,他慌了,掏出枪,开火.而现在他的辩护律师说,也许他在供认时,产生了 错觉,或者他只是想保护一个朋友,一个爱人而撒谎顶罪,绝望之人的垂死狡辩,这侮辱了法庭,还 有你们,尤其是侮辱了那位女士和她的 2 个孩子.Warren Litch 谋杀了她的丈夫,Warren Litch 杀害 了他们的父亲,他已经向供认了罪行,没必要再浪费时间了. Lori Colson: 我不知道你们怎么看,但是如果我听说某人承认犯罪了,我会认为他是真的有罪, 但是如果我知道他是被迫的,那么比如说…一个腹部伤口流血不止的人,被一屋子的和牧师,坚 持指认他做了某件事,也许他就会信以为真,如果他的好友或亲人,刚好那天晚上开了 Warren 的车, 那就能解释为什么 Warren 会想要逃了,不是吗?他能预感地到会错误地他,过这 些吗?上帝,我们全都认为 Warren litch 有罪,但是如果他没有呢?现在我们再来看看其他证据,等 等…没有其他证据,没有枪,没有目击证人,没有纤维,没有法医鉴定,有的只是一份被迫做出的供 词.你们可能认为是他做的,甚至认为这是理所当然的,但是如果你相信法律,要求用证据以排除所 有合理疑点,当我们放弃这种要求时,我们真的希望对说…"嘿,去它的证据,只要口供就好". Boston Legal An Eye For An Eye Season 1, Episode 5 某人假想自己得了某些疾病,向医生寻求帮助,医生治疗了他半年,不过并没有实质性的效果, 因为他不过是普通的头痛并且患有典型的抑郁症,病人决定起诉医生…最终医生被赔偿 32 万美 元… 交叉询问: 原文: Attorney Braxton Mason: Dr. Rayburn, over these six months that Mr. Morgan was in your care, how many visits did he make to your practice? Dr. Steven Rayburn: Thirty-eight. Attorney Braxton Mason: Is that a lot? Dr. Steven Rayburn: Four times as many as any other patient. We joked he was the office mascot. You name the condition, Mr. Morgan was convinced he had it. Cold, flu, bronchitis, uh, shingles, adult-onset diabetes. Attorney Braxton Mason: Mr. Morgan contends your neglect drove him to this state. 6

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